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" I believe that everyone should follow their dreams 

because they are the seeds to creativity.

Music is my international language of happiness 

to share with others." - Agata

Blue Flowers

Get ready to groove to my upcoming music!

Check out a sneak peek clip now. 🎶

Welcome :)...

Hello, my Lovelies! 💕 

Welcome to my official website! 🤗

Thank you for listening.

I hope you enjoy it. 

See you soon!


xoxo Agata

Get To Know Me

"Music is a search 

for the truth"

                   - Agata

AGATA - is a Polish-American, Pop & R&B recording artist, singer, songwriter, and producer.


AGATA feels that life without music is like life without love. Love and inspiration are the signatures of Agata's writing. She is writing new songs for you. ​

Stay Tuned.


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Watch My Videos

Hello, my Lovelies! 💕

🤗 I am so excited for all of you to hear my full songs here. I will be adding more videos , so make sure you come back to see me here. :)

Thank you for listening


Thank you for listening.

I hope you enjoy it.

Have a Beautiful Day!

See you soon!


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